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"New" Lamisil Once 4g, A Single Application Treatment

SKU : 101258
Pack Size : 10
Barcode : 5051562014801

Lamisil Once - Single Dose Treatment For Athlete`S Foot 1% Cutaneous Solution Terbinafine Hydrochloride Lamisil Once Is A Single Dose Treatment For Athlete`S Foot. The Clear Solution Is Applied Only Once. It Releases The Active Ingredient Into The Skin Where It Continues To Fight The Cause And Relieve The Symptoms Of Athletes Foot. At 3 Months After Treatment With Lamisil Once, The Incidence Of Relapse Or Reinfection Was Low. Do Not Swallow. Avoid Contact With Eyes. Not Recommended For Patients Under 18. Do Not Use While Breast-Feeding. Keep Out Of Reach And Sight Of Children. Store In The Original Pack. For Cutaneous Use.


0.45mm Orange Wisdom Interdental Brushes

SKU : 102949
Pack Size : 12
Barcode : 5028763006706

Wisdom Inderdental Brushes are designed to clean between the teeth and around bridgework and orthodontic appliances. -Use regularly to help keep your teeth and gums healthy, to protect against gum disease and tooth decay and to keep your breath fresh.

  • Removes plaque from spaces between the teeth
  • Use regularly to help keep your teeth and gums healthy
  • Helps protect against gum disease and tooth decay
  • Helps keep your breath fresh

30 flossers with extra strong floss

SKU : 112511
Pack Size : 12
Barcode : 5028763008557
  • Extra strong floss design to resist shredding snapping and sagging
  • Help reduce plaque build-up and the risk of gum disease
  • Slide easily between your teeth
  • Ideal for small spaces between teeth
  • The tip of the Flosser may be used as a toothpick

4head Headache & Migraine Relief Stick - 3.6g

SKU : 103852
Pack Size : 10
Barcode : 5016379400001

Unlike most headache treatments, 4head stick is specially designed to be applied directly to the forehead. It contains 100% pure levomenthol (a type of peppermint) in a convenient retractable stick dispenser.


Accu Chek Fastclix Finger Pricked Lancing Device + 6 Lancets

SKU : 193199
Pack Size : 12
Barcode : 4015630065578

Fastclix finger pricked just 1-click to prime and prick uses 6 lancets in a drum (fastclix lancets) features countdown window to indicate how many lancets remain in the drum comfort dial to adjust penetration depth designed for personal use only - not suitable for professional use includes 1 drum of 6 lancets.



Accu-Check Performa Tablet Strips 50

SKU : 192573
Pack Size : 16
Barcode : 4015630982646

Product Description Accu-Chek Aviva Blood Glucose Test Strips 50 Strips, 1 Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems- Message Evaluations Research, April 2007. Accu-Chek Aviva compared to other manufacturers` devices. Data on file. 2 When lancing device technology was compared to other manufacturers` devices. Data on file, Accu-Chek products are designed to help you manage diabetes on your terms, whether you need a meter that fits your busy lifestyle, an insulin pump for 24/7 blood glucose management or software to help you track your results from day to day. Box Contains 2 x ACCU-CHECK PERFORMA T/STRIPS - pack of 50


Accu-chek Active Blood Glucose Test Strips X50

SKU : 100013
Pack Size : 12
Barcode : 4015630064502

blood glucose test strips


Accu-chek Aviva Glucose Test Strips, 50 count

SKU : 100014
Pack Size : 6
Barcode : 4015630008681

For The Determination Of Blood Glucose. Suitable For Self Testing.


ACCU-CHEK Compact Test Strips 51 Each

SKU : 103618
Pack Size : 6
Barcode : 4015630056811

Accu-Chek Compact Plus test strips automatically load new test strips and discard used test strips. The unique drum automatically replaces a used test strip with a new one eliminating the need to handle small test strips every time you use the meter.


ACCU-CHEK FastClix Lancets 200+4 lancets

SKU : 192503
Pack Size : 12
Barcode : 4015630056972

Product Description Accu-Chek FastClix Lancets Reduce the pain and hassle of blood glucose testing. The ACCU-CHEK FastClix lancets are the only 1-click lancing device system with a drum of 6 preloaded lancets. With 11 depth settings for maximum comfort, and minimal side-to-side motion for less skin tearing, testing is made easier. Accu-Chek Fastclix Lancets 2 boxes of 102 count total 204     1 click is all it takes     Proven least painful and overall easiest to use.     Precisely manufactured, beveled 30-gauge lancets ensure smoother entry.     For use with Accu-Chek FastClix Lancet Device.     No lancets to see or touch.     Faster, Safer, and Less Painful.    Just load and go with new lancet drum. For Use with FastClix Lancet only . this item is not intended to use with Any other Accu Chek brand .


Acriflex Cooling Burns Gel

SKU : 100016
Pack Size : 10
Barcode : 5011309899917

Cooling burns gel*Cooling*Rehydrating*SoothingAcriflkex Cooling Burns Gel is an odourless, non-sticky hydrogel for application to superficial burns such as may occur in the home, sunburn and dry or irritated skin.Acriflex Cooling Burns Gel contains OSMO 4. This patented technology is based on hydro gels which have strong osmotic force which gives the gel its unique hydrtaing and microbiological activity.Acriflex Cooling Burns Gel has been clinically proven to:* Soothe by rapidly cooliong the skin tissues to relieve discomfort.* Reduce the redness of inflammed skin.* Hydrate the syrface layers of the skin to promote the skin`s natural repair system.* Kill bacteria thorugh physical action without drying the skin.Read all the carton carefully before use. Keep in carton for future reference.PRECAUTIONS:Some users may experience a tingling sensation on application. Avoid contact with the eyes. If hypersensitive to any ingredient, wash effected area with soap and water and seek medical advice. If symptoms worsen or do not improve, stop use and seek medical advice. If accidentally swallowed, rinse mouth with water and seek medical advice.Keep out of the reach and sight of children. Do not use after the expiry date. Store 25ºC in the original carton. Keep away from sources of heat.

Adios Max Maximum Strength Weight Loss Tablets - 100 Tablets

SKU : 100025
Pack Size : 10
Barcode : 5016379100802

Adios was launched in march 2001 and has been helping women all over the country lose weight for nearly 10 years

Adios max is an aid for slimming containing over twice the amount of the active ingredient focus, to adios tablets

Adios max is a natural herbal medicine which helps speed up weight loss by acting on the body`s metabolism helping to speed up the rate at which the body converts fat into energy)

To get the best weight loss results, make sure you combine taking adios with a healthy calorie controlled diet and exercise

In just under a four week period users lost weight in consumer home trials**, when taken in conjunction with a calorie controlled diet. Participants also found they lost weight from all over their body, rather than just certain areas


SKU : 111116
Pack Size : 10
Barcode : 5011309605518

A traditional herbal medicinal product for the relief of the symptoms of mucus coughs and colds, exclusively based on long standing use as a traditional remedy. It reduces the urge to cough and provides you with a natural, homeopathic remedy that is non-d


Allergenics Natural Emollient Non-Steroidal Cream 50ml

SKU : 102528
Pack Size : 10
Barcode : 5029354001216

Allergenic cream is a nourishing and protective moisturising emollient for delicate skin, developed using hypoallergenic ingredients which significantly reduce the risk of allergic reaction. A perfectly balanced cream which maintains the skins elasticity and hydration whilst protecting against external irritants. Allergy tested, dermatologically tested, microbiologically tested.


Aloclair Plus 15ml Spray Mouth Ulcer Treatment

SKU : 111971
Pack Size : 10
Barcode : 8030350901704

Aloclair Plus Spray acts to form a protective film around the sore or lesion to alleviate pain. Its regenerating formulation acts to promote the rapid healing of damaged tissue.


Aloe Dent Mouthwash 250ml

SKU : 111418
Pack Size : 6
Barcode : 5029354001254

Our Aloe Vera Mouthwash is alcohol & FLUORIDE FREE, with a fantastic natural minty flavour, natural colour & botanical extracts including: Gotu Kola, Grapefruit Seed & Escin (from Horse Chestnut).
If your Dentist has advised extra fluoride, see our fluoride variant. Suitable for vegetarians & vegans.

Alpecin After Shampoo Liquid 200 ml

SKU : 100066
Pack Size : 12
Barcode : 4008666212375

Alpecin after shampoo liquid - strengthens the hair roots - prevents hair loss - for all scalp and hair types the caffeine-based active ingredient combination of alpecin keeps hair production going. It helps prolong the hair`s growth phases in people with hereditary hair loss. Alpecin keeps hair roots active for a lifetime and maintains vigorous hair growth. Please read product leaflet carefully before use.


Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo 250 ml

SKU : 100067
Pack Size : 16
Barcode : 4008666211187

Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo 250 ml

Alpecin dandruff killer shampoo 250ml

SKU : 200186
Pack Size : 16
Barcode : 4008666216113

Alpecin dandruff killer shampoo 250ml

Alpecin Double Effect Shampoo 200 ml

SKU : 100068
Pack Size : 12
Barcode : 4008666210609

The two most frequent scalp problems affect men: hair loss and dandruff. Dr. Wolff Research has developed a shampoo that simultaneously counteracts both problems: Alpecin Double-Effect Shampoo.


Altacor Clinitas Hydrate Eye Gel 10g

SKU : 100070
Pack Size : 15
Barcode : 5060156070031

Clinitas Hydrate lubricates and moisturises the eyes.

It lubricates the surface of the eye when the eyes feel dry, gritty or sore.

These uncomfortable sensations can occur for many reasons,

including air-conditioning and computer use. In airconditioned rooms the gel is especially useful

Andrews Original (Liver) Salts 150g

SKU : 100109
Pack Size : 10
Barcode : 50217083

Provides relief for an upset stomach, indigestion and over indulgence;Can be used as a laxative to relieve constipation;Imported from the United Kingdom


Andrews Original Salts 250g

SKU : 100110
Pack Size : 10
Barcode : 5000347068003

Provides fast, effective pain relief from digestive discomfort. Original andrews salts refreshes and revitalises your digestive system quickly and effectively relieves upset stomach, indigestion and symptoms of over-indulgence. At higher dosage can also relieve constipation. For everyday digestive discomfort take instantly sparkling andrews - the reviving solution. Drug interaction precautions: consult your doctor: * before taking this product, if you are under the care of your doctor or are taking tetracycline antibiotics or any other prescribed medicines, or are pregnant. * before taking this product, if you are on a low sodium diet, have high blood pressure, heart or kidney disease. Avoid frequent use. * before taking this product, if you have diabetes or any other sugar absorption problems. * if a laxative dose is required every day or there is persistent abdominal pain * if symptoms persist * overdose may cause diarrhoea. If this occurs, reduce dosage when the effect should go away. If it persists, or you are concerned about any other unwanted effects, stop using and talk to your doctor or pharmacist. Warnings check inner seal is intact before first use. Keep safely away from children. Store below 25ºc and away from strong odours


Anthisan Bite & Sting Cream 20G

SKU : 110868
Pack Size : 10
Barcode : 5013011004672

Relief from pain, itching and inflammation caused by insect bites, insect stingis & stinging nettle rash.


Anusol Cream x 43g

SKU : 100123
Pack Size : 20
Barcode : 5010123727512
Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

Anusol Haemorrhoids (Piles) Treatment Ointment - 25g by Anusol

SKU : 100125
Pack Size : 15
Barcode : 5010123727529

Anusol Ointment, effective, soothing relief. Extra protection. Shrinks piles, soothes itching, relieves pain and discomfort.Active Ingredients Zinc Oxide 10.75g , Bismuth subgallate 2.25g, Balsam Peru 1.875g, Bismuth oxide 0.875g


Anusol HaemorrhoidsTreatment Cream (Piles) - 23g

SKU : 100122
Pack Size : 30
Barcode : 5010123727505

Aqua Ban 30 Tablets

SKU : 100132
Pack Size : 15
Barcode : 5000477124051

Product Description Eliminates excess water. Helps reduce pre-menstrual bloat, puffiness and tenderness by eliminating excess pre-menstrual water weight. Each month, up to 2-3 lbs of excess water can be trapped in your body tissue just before your period. Aqua Ban diuretic tablets work to gently help your body eliminate excess water. Ingredients Each Enteric Coated Tablet contains: Ammonium Chloride B.P. 325mg and Caffeine Anhydrous B.P. 100mg Also contains: E110, E132 and Microcrystalline Cellulose


Aquafresh Milk Teeth 0-3 Years 50ml

SKU : 100146
Pack Size : 3
Barcode : 5000347090967
  • Gentle care for milk teeth to help adult teeth come through healthy and strong
  • Baby friendly gentle mint flavour
  • Designed by dental experts
  • Low abrasivity and cavity protection
  • Fluoride protection 1000 ppm

Aquafresh Mouthwash Big Teeth Fruity 300ml

SKU : 110368
Pack Size : 12
Barcode : 5000347027499

Aquafresh big teeth mouthwash 300ml antibacterial, sugar and alcohol free, fluoride for strong teeth all round protection for new big teeth, little teeth, gaps and gums. The antibacterial formula helps fight plaque and kill germs and the fluoride helps to strengthen teeth. Ingredients: aqua, glycerin, sorbitol, poloxamer 338, peg-60 hydrogenated castor oil, sodium benzoate, aroma, allantoin, cetylpyridinium chloride, methylparaben, sodium fluoride, sodium saccharin, disodium phosphate, sodium phosphate, limonene, ci 17200. Directions for use: use twice daily after brushing. Fill measuring cap to the 10ml line. Rinse for 60 seconds before spitting out. Supervision is required to minimise swallowing. Caution: do not swallow. Not to be used by children under 6 years. If using fluoride supplements consult your dentist.


Aquafresh My Big Teeth Toothpaste 6 Years+ (50ml)

SKU : 100135
Pack Size : 6
Barcode : 5000347090936

Aquafresh My Big Teeth Toothpaste 6 Years+ (50ml)



SKU : 110840
Pack Size : 6
Barcode : 5000347090943
  • Please be aware that unless expressly indicated otherwise, product packaging may vary from what is shown on this listing. We recommend that you do not rely solely on the information presented on our listing. Please always read the labels, warning and directions provided before using or consuming the product.

Arnica Cream - Natural First Aid For Bruises PL - R - 50g

SKU : 100163
Pack Size : 10
Barcode : 5000488201352

Arnicare arnica cream is a first aid application, for all types of bruises resulting from injuries, knocks and falls. It contains arnica prepared from the alpine plant arnica montana - a topical herbal remedy traditionally used in the symptomatic treatment of bruises. Apply gently to bruised areas as required.always read the label.


Artelac Nightime Gel 10g

SKU : 110979
Pack Size : 10
Barcode : 4049649000213

Lasting Hydration for added protection from persistant dry eyes;Especially useful at night;10g Ophthalmic gel;contains 2mg Carbomer


Bach Rescue Night (10ml)

SKU : 100201
Pack Size : 10
Barcode : 5000488104479

Rescue night is a combination of rock rose, impatiens, clematis, star of bethlehem and cherry plum (rescue), with an additional bach original flower essence white chestnut; white chestnut has been used to switch off the mind from unwanted repetitive thoughts. These flower essences combine to help you enjoy a natural night`s sleep. Simply place 4 drops on the tongue or in a glass of water and sip at intervals. Alcohol freeestablished in 1860, nelsons is europe`s oldest homeopathic manufacturer. suitable for the whole family.


Bach Rescue Remedy, 10 ml.35 Ounces

SKU : 101496
Pack Size : 10
Barcode : 741273021001

Dr. Bach`s most famous flower essence formula, Bach original flower remedies rescue remedy, is one of the world`s best known natural stress relief remedies.


Balmosa Cream 40g, for Chilblains , Muscular Aches & Pain

SKU : 100204
Pack Size : 10
Barcode : 5060171760009
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Balneum Bath Oil 500ml

SKU : 110862
Pack Size : 10
Barcode : 5000167019070

INGREDIENTS: Polyoxyethylene Lauryl Ether, Oleic Acid Diethanolamide, Perfume Oil, Propylene Glycol, Butylated Hydroxytoluene, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Critic Acid Monohydrate. . ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Soya Oil BP 

Balneum Cream 500g

SKU : 110848
Pack Size : 10
Barcode : 4042762060201

Balneum Cream 500g


Balneum Cream 50g

SKU : 110846
Pack Size : 10
Barcode : 4042762060218

Balneum Cream 50g


Balneum PLUS Bath Oil 500ml

SKU : 110863
Pack Size : 10
Barcode : 5000167019094
This bath oil contains soya oil and lauromacrogols. It is added to the bath water to moisturise and relieve dry or itchy skin. Soya oil works by providing a layer of oil on the surface of the skin to prevent water evaporating from the skin surface. Lauromacrogols have the properties of local anaesthetics and soothe and relieve itchy skin. 

The oil also contains liquid paraffin, quaternium-18 hectorite, butylated hydroxytoluene, ascorbyl palmitate, citric acid, propylene glycol and perfume oil.

Dry skin results from lack of water in the outer layer of skin cells known as the stratum corneum. When this layer becomes dehydrated it loses its flexibility and becomes cracked, scaly and sometimes itchy. The stratum corneum contains natural water-holding substances that retain water seeping up from the deeper layers of the skin, and water is also normally retained in the stratum corneum by a surface film of natural oil (sebum) and broken-down skin cells, which slow down evaporation of water from the skin surface.

The skin dries out when too much water evaporates from its surface. This increases as we get older, and is made worse by washing, because hot water and soap remove the layer of natural oil on the skin surface. 

Moisturising bath oils are useful for dry skin conditions, such as eczema and dermatitis, which get worse when the skin is allowed to dry out. Used regularly, moisturisers and moisturising bath oils help restore the skin`s smoothness, softness and flexibility by replacing lost moisture and helping the skin retain moisture. This helps reduce scaling, itching and redness.

After using the bath oil




SKU : 100205
Pack Size : 30
Barcode : 5000167032598


Balneum Plus Cream x 100g

SKU : 100181
Pack Size : 20
Barcode : 4042762037159
Balneum Plus Cream contains two active ingredients, Urea and Lauromacrogols. Urea is a substance naturally occurring in the skin, and is attracted to water. People with dry skin conditions have decreased amounts of Urea in their skin, so applying Urea can help replace it. When Urea is applied to the skin it penetrates the outer layer, where it readily absorbs and retains water. This increases the capacity of the skin to hold moisture, and the skin therefore becomes re-hydrated. This soothes and softens the skin, and reduces the scaling and itching of dry skin conditions. The other active ingredients of Balneum Plus Cream are Lauromacrogols, which have the properties of local anaesthetics. When applied to the skin they soothe and relieve itching. The combination of these medicines in Balneum Plus Cream relieves dryness and itching of the skin in scaly skin conditions such as Eczema, Dermititis and problem dry skin. These conditions worsen if the skin is allowed to become dried out.

Bausch&Lomb PreserVison Eye Vitamin and Mineral Food Supplement Original For AMD 60 Soft Gels

SKU : 111844
Pack Size : 10
Barcode : 5027519000289

Bausch andamp; Lomb PreserVisionandreg; Original formula is the one and only eye vitamin and mineral supplement clinically proven effective in the 10-year National Institutes of Health (NIH) Age Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS). Now available in an easy to swallow, 2-per-day soft gel format. Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the leading cause of vision loss and blindness in people over 55. The landmark National Institutes of Health AREDS trial proved that a high potency antioxidant vitamin and mineral supplement was effective in helping to preserve the sight of certain people most at risk.* PreserVisionandreg; Original is a high potency antioxidant and mineral supplement with the antioxidant vitamins A, C, E and select minerals in amounts above those in ordinary multivitamins and generally cannot be obtained through diet alone. *These statements have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, care or prevent any disease.


Bazuka extra strength 6g

SKU : 110618
Pack Size : 10
Barcode : 5016379114007

Bazuka Extra Strength 6G by Bazuka


Beechams Sore Throat Relief Lozenges Max Strength Blackberry 20

SKU : 100265
Pack Size : 10
Barcode : 5000347087561

Max Strength Sore Throat Blackberry Flavour Lozenges



Benzalkonium Chloride

Belladonna White 17.5X28Cm Bel

SKU : 112504
Pack Size : 10
Barcode : 5012654412158

Belladonna adhesive plaster 450 large 28 x 17.5


Bells Coconut Oil BP (Bells) 90g

SKU : 100274
Pack Size : 30
Barcode : 5017848249633

Coconut oil is not only renowned for its culinary uses but is fast emerging as a popular beauty product, with its uses ranging from skin moisturising to hair conditioning, and even as a mild antifungal.

100% natural and unrefined, Bells Coconut Oil is essentially a premium product at a value price. It contains no added fragrances, colours or flavourings and as it is non-comedegenic, will not clog the pores or irritate the skin.

For use as a hair repair mask, first melt by warming a small amount into your fingertips and then apply to your hair, avoiding the roots and leaving in for an hour. Wash out and repeat as necessary.

As a moisturising treatment, rub as much as needed to cover your face into the palms of your hands and apply all over, being particularly sensitive around the eye area. Best left to soak overnight.

Studies suggest that coconut oil may assist in the reduction or removal of fungal infections such as fungal nail by direct application or even thrush by ingestion, however we always advise that you consult your GP first.

This product contains nuts.


SKU : 110143
Pack Size : 10
Barcode : 5010605142642

How does it work? 

Bepanthen ointment works in two ways to care for baby’s skin and protect it from the causes of nappy rash: 

Aids Natural Skin Recovery 

Bepanthen ointment contains Pro Vitamin B5 which gently aids natural recovery of sensitive skin while keeping it soft, smooth and moisturised. Bepanthen also works by helping to seal in the skin`s natural moisture, providing optimal conditions to allow gentle skin recovery without drying out your baby`s delicate skin. 


Clinically proven, Bepanthen works by forming a transparent layer protecting even the most delicate skin from irritants and rubbing. The water-in-oil formulation keeps the skin healthy and hydrated, which is essential to maintain its natural protective barrier. 

How should I use it? 

Apply a thin layer of Bepanthen to your baby`s clean, dry bottom after every nappy change. Bepanthen offers additional comfort for your baby as it is non-sticky and is easy for mothers to clean.

Bepanthen Diaper(Nappy) Care Ointment 100g

SKU : 100304
Pack Size : 10
Barcode : 5010605142741

Dual action every day protection and care of nappy rash. Bepanthen Ointment has a dual action benefit, helping you to do the best you can to protect against nappy rash and help promote the natural healing of your baby`s delicate skin. When applied at every nappy change Bepanthen forms a long lasting, breathable, barrier protect against the irritants that can cause nappy rash. Trials show that using Bepanthen at every nappy change leads to a healthier baby`s skin and a lower incidence of nappy rash. If your baby has nappy rash, Bepanthen gentle formulation quickly soothes the soreness and the active vitamin ingredients works to accelerate natural skin healing. Bepanthen is free from all colours, fragrance or preservatives and is clinically proven to be gentle enough for the most sensitive of skins, including that of premature babies. The dual action benefit, of protection and gentle skin recovery, also make it suitable to soothe and care for nipples, both during and after breastfeeding.