Fisherman's Friend Lozenges Mint Sugar-Free with Sweeteners 25g

Fishermans Friend Mint Sugar Free Lozenges are traditional menthol lozenges that can relieve symptoms of colds and the flu just take one lozenge and breathe deeply to inhale the strong menthol flavour.
SKU: U818
PackSize: 24

Fishermans Friend Mint Sugar Free Lozenges provides you with a refreshing lozenges gum that is completely sugar free.

Fresh mint

The refreshing minty flavour works to relieve symptoms of a cough or sore throat. Sucking on the lozenges helps to clear the airways and nasal passage to reduce symptoms of a hayfever and a stuffy nose.

Zero sugar added

Fishermans Friend mints are extra kind to your teeth because they are completely sugar and sweetener free.