Bach Rescue Remedy Dropper 10ml

RESCUE Remedy helps you cope with lifes up's and downs, helping provide relief in everyday stressful situations RESCUE Remedy is a combination of five Bach Flower remedies specially blended for stressful situations Assists the return to a more positive frame of mind, when you need comfort and reassurance
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The original RESCUE flower essences were discovered by Dr Bach in the 1930's to provide support in times of emotional demand. Today, people across the world take comfort that RESCUE is by their side when they need to get the most from their busy day. Whether it is a frustrating commute, approaching exams, a difficult day at the office, or even the demands of a busy family life, keep on top of your day with RESCUE. RESCUE Remedy flower essences are the famous combination of 5 flower essences developed by Dr. Bach, who discovered a system of 38 flower essences that help you stay on top. Flower essences: Rock Rose, Impatiens, Clematis, Star of Bethlehem and Cherry Plum Take a moment with RESCUE. RESCUE, RESCUE REMEDY and the BACH signature are registered trademarks of Bach Flower Remedies Limited.