Pin-Up Original Full Head Lasting Perm

Creates permanent curls and texture Designed for full head perming Gives flexible option in creating curl and hair texture With build in conditioners to protect during the perming process Home kit
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Pin-Up Original full head lasting perm 100ml pin up home perm full head is suitable for long hair of all types and especially for hard-to-perm hair. Pin up home perm full head 100ml is versatile enough for you to create any style you want - from tight curls to soft waves or just to increase body and volume. This home perm kit consists of a non-drip foam, making it easy to apply, and is formulated to protect your hair throughout and beyond The perming process, leaving your hair soft, shiny and manageable for months to come. The ability to change the hairs natural texture is a vital one in hair style creation and management. The perming process works by winding the hair around a tool (a roller or rod) and then applying the first stage waving lotion to the hair. This lotion enters the hair and breaks the internal bonds, a second solution (a neutralizer) is then added to re-connect the bonds into the new shape and thus create the permanent curl or texture. Perming hair not only creates (wash and wear) curl and texture but also alters the memory of the natural hair so blow-dries, roller setting and styling (applied) will remain in the hair between washes and without flopping or dropping. In addition, naturally curly or frizzy hair can be permed to create a controlled and uniform curl that requires little maintenance. Pin up original full head is a home solution if you wish to perm all hair lengths. The home kit is ideal if you have longer hair and wish to create a cascading 'wash and wear' Curl effect or if you are looking for strong hold and style support (when blow-drying and roller setting) to most hair lengths. On longer lengths results from the pin up original full head can last up to one year. The pin up brand was established in 1945 and for nearly 70 years has been helping people achieve classic style and texture services safely At home. From durable long term permanent curl results to flexible style and vintage looks or home colour application, pin up has become a brand synonymous with hair freedom.


Follow Pin-up's styling guide to create different results, with simple step-by step instructions of use.