Alvita Incontinence Range All-In-One Pants Maxi Night Ex Large 20

The breathable all-in-one extra large night pants is an effective solution for managing moderate to heavy urinary incontinence
SKU: U10602
PackSize: 1

Designed for night use, the Alvita complete diaper is indicated for people with severe incontinence, reduced mobility or bedridden. The diapers are super absorbent, latex free and have an anti-leak barrier. The sensors allow rapid absorption of the liquid and limit the formation of odors and ensure a feeling of freshness. The ultra-soft veil keeps the skin dry and the elasticized barriers prevent leakage. The silent outer casing allows the clips to be repositioned at will and discreetly for optimal comfort. This change can also be used for people of all ages.

They are suitable for a person with a waist circumference ranging from 110cm to 160cm and the absorption rate is 3930ml.