AgaMatrix Ultrathin Lancets 33G 200 Pack

0.2 mm Designed to reduce pain of testing Re-sealable cap For use with AgaMatrix simple to use lancing device Can be used with any Type A lancing device
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Product Description

WaveSense Ultra-Thin Lancets (33G) from AgaMatrix

This 33G (0.2mm) lancet is the thinnest offered and is designed to reduce pain of testing. For use with the AgaMatrix lancing device and any other Type A lancing device.

About WaveSense products from AgaMatrix

WaveSense is a brand of blood glucose meters and strips, manufactured by AgaMatrix Inc., designed to improve the quality of diabetes care by using a new technology that personalises each test to provide world class accuracy. It detects and corrects for many errors caused by differences in blood samples and environmental conditions.

New to Amazon UK, the WaveSense JAZZ™ blood glucose monitoring system is no coding, has a quick test time, and a small sample size of whole blood. It offers users an easy and accurate method of blood glucose monitoring.

The JAZZ is also the first meter to include glycaemic variability tracking (GVT) as well as averages, allowing both users and healthcare professionals to assess treatment regimes in a more detailed way. Glycaemic variability is a tool used to show how glucose changes over time and allow the patient or their health care professional to better analyse the high and low readings and take preventive action.

The JAZZ meter also has other features enabling people with diabetes to monitor their glucose levels more easily; ergonomically designed for rubber side grips for comfort and ease of use, a large, backlit display for ease of reading, a positive feedback symbol for results within user/healthcare professional defined ranges, pre-set meal-tagging of results, together with statistical analysis of each group.

Additionally, the JAZZ has a memory of 1,865 results, allowing long term storage for even very frequent testers. A download facility is built in allowing the use of a USB cable to download all results to Zero-Click, the WaveSense blood glucose results management software. The user simply plugs the meter in and the results are downloaded automatically and without any further interaction. The results are then immediately available for the user to view and print charts and perform analysis of results as required.

In the UK, WaveSense technology can be found only in JAZZ.

For JAZZ meter users who register their meter, WaveSense offers additional services such as a Freephone Customer Care Line and replacement batteries for the life of the meter.

AgaMatrix is committed to providing both people with diabetes and the healthcare professionals in diabetes with the latest information in glucose testing and the best possible service to assist improvement in the care of people with diabetes.


Safety Warning

You should carefully read all product packaging and labels prior to use

Box Contains

200 Lancets