Baby Dove Lotion Rich Moisture 200ml

Baby Dove Rich Moisture Lotion, 200 ml Gently moisturises babie's skin all day Leaves babies skin feeling soft Soothes dry skin from the first use Give baby's delicate skin the gentle, nourishing care it needs with a baby lotion that soothes skin from the first use.
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Baby Dove Rich Moisture Lotion, 200ml
Your baby’s skin is beautiful - but as a parent, you know that little ones can get dry skin that needs special care. That’s why we created our unique Rich Moisture Baby Lotion. Its formula soothes dry skin from the first use and provides all day moisture that leaves baby skin feeling soft and delicately scented. How to use: Warm Baby Dove Rich Moisture Lotion in your hands, apply it to your baby’s body and massage gently. Ideal for everyday use. External Usage only