ALVITA White soft paper tissues box of 150

Snuggly soft, extra strong and extra resistant Combines comfort and durability Softest Tempo tissues ever
SKU: U7784
PackSize: 24

Product Description

For a tissue that combines comfort and durability, look no further than Tempo Soft and Strong Tissues.

Tempo Soft & Strong Tissues are the softest Tempo tissues ever. These three ply tissues are made with specially bonded fibres, making them very soft and very strong, which is excellent for everyday use.

Each box of Tempo Soft and Strong Tissues contains 80 tissues


Use a tissue only one time. Do not place it into your pocket after use. Remember it has germs, and germs grow in a warm place.

Make sure you wash your hands after you blow your nose it will reduce the virus from spreading.

You can share tissues, but don't use it before you let someone else have a go, just rip it in half if you both need one and they're out.

Safety Warnings

Never use the same tissue with which you blew your nose, to also wipe a tear from your eye. That will only spread germs.


See packaging for details.

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